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Below are some videos that highlight what we do on the ground. At ESSI we deliberately incoorporate business and environmental business model, base on our knowledge of what our people really need. It is our intention to find tools that work and support projects that are sustainable.



Media files on the Solomon Islands environment (some are presented in Solomon Islands tok pidgin)

Solmon Islands Ranger Training 5-16 October, 2015

The University of Queensland and Solomon Islands Community Conservation Partnership and their partners, including Ecological Solutions, conducted a ranger training program for Solomon Islands rangers in the month of October. The course was attended by 41 rangers from across the country. Six key themes presented included; 
1. Conservation management of habitats and species,
2. Sustainable development and communities, 
3. Protected areas planning and monitoring, 
4. Recreation and tourism, 
5. Environmental education and communication
6. Financial management and fundraising. 
We sincerely thank our partners and presenters who made this course possible.



Solomon Islands is rich archipelago in the South Pacific. It has high vertebrate endemism. Many species of bats and rats are found here occur no where else on earth. It is also a site of radiation of monkey faced bats in the South Pacific. 


Importance of conservation in Solomon Islands

Lessons from the possible extinction of the Choiseul ground pigeon, said to be one of the most spectacular ground pigeons in Melanesia.




Research and travel in Solomon Islands



Zai na Tina Organic Farm, Solomon Islands

Supporting sustainable environmental stewardship and Development in Solomon Islands



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