Ecological Solutions, Solomon Islands (ESSI)                   



Issue 7



Death on the river, stories from the Sepikby Michael McCoy

Understanding Cyrtandra, by John R. Clark

Fiji's long-legged warbler thriving, by Vilikesa Masibalavu

Restoring Honiara's botanical garden, new life for the botanical garden, by Eric McPherson

Taxonomy in conservation, why do we need it? by Gilianne Brodie & Posa Skelton

Saving paradise, conservation of Tetepare, by Michaela Farrington, Photographs by Anthony Plummer

Environmental refugees in PNG, by Simon Albert

Birds of Santa Cruz, by Rob Moyle, Patrick Pikacha, & Chris Filardi

Unique embryo development characteristics of native frogs of Fiji, by Edward Narayan

Molecular systematics: applying genetic tools to studies of Pacific biodiversity, by Richard Winkworth, Linton Winder, & Peter Lockhart

Soil is more than meets the eye, by Shane Tutua

Two Endemic, Rare and Possibly Endangered Stick Insects from the Nakauvadra Ranges, Viti Levu, Fiji, by Hilda Waqa-Sokiti

Our backyard biodiversity, not forgetting the cool spots, by Patrick Pikacha

Issue 5



The Wildlife of the Bauro Highlands, Makira Island, Solomon Islands, by Patrick Pikacha

Kula Eco-Park, not just a bird parkby Tamara Osborne & Ramesh Chand

Conservation of the Fiji ground frog (Platymantis vitianus) in an ex-situ captive

management programme, by Edward Narayan, Ketan Christi, & Craig Morley

A role for conservation concessions in Melanesia: Customary land tenure and

Community Conservation Agreements in the Solomon Islands, by Chris Filardi & Patrick Pikacha

Entomology work in Fiji: How much do we really know? by Hilda Waqa-Sakiti

First Steps: Longhorned beetles of Fiji, by Sunil R. Prasad, Sanjana Lal, Akanisi Caginitoba & David Olson

Articulating sustainable development in Vanuaso Tikina, Gau Island, Fiji, by Joeli Veitayaki

Culturing fish larvae, a new tool for restocking coral reefs in Fiji, by Julien Grignon

Your underwater world, Solomon Dive Adventures Scuba School, by Lisa Choquette


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