Ecological Solutions, Solomon Islands (ESSI)                   

About Us


History of Ecological Solutions - Solomon Islands (ESSI)


The organization ESSI was developed by David Boseto, and Patrick Pikacha, and was registered in 2012. The objectives were: (1) to bring together a team of environmental experts in response to addressing critical environmental issues in the Solomon Islands; (2) to provide environmental audits and professional environmental assessment services; (3) to fill onsite environmental management roles so that best practice environmental solutions are achieved; (4) to explore and strengthen sustainable development initiatives in Solomon Islands; and (5) to support and strengthen grassroots conservation and management organizations and initiatives. 

As a local organization we understand the pressures that are placed on communities, families, and individuals, and the need to utilize natural resources. Unfortunately this has been at the cost of unwarranted environmental degradation in the Solomon Islands. As a result of these realities ESSI was formed with a focus at integrating development into any conservation or environmental management initiative, to build both social commitment and environmental sustainability. As our motto reads, "We're about finding environmental solutions that make sense."  


We're about finding Environmental Solutions that make sense