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Chris Filardi, Advisor

Christopher Filardi has a long history of conducting conservation and education activities, and biodiversity research in the Pacific region. He has, among other things, studied foraging behavior of Palm cockatoos in Papua New Guinea in an effort to expand CITES protection; worked with the Wildlife Conservation Society to set up one of the first community-based wildlife reserves in the country; and studied radiations of Pacific birds to clarify boundaries among species and begin unraveling the origins of pan-Pacific bird groups. Throughout his professional career, Chris has maintained a commitment to bridging his research interests with grassroots conservation. While not in New Guinea and the tropical Pacific, he helped establish natural history-based undergraduate student programs that integrate indigenous communities with wildlands conservation in threatened landscapes of western North America and Central America. He served as content coordinator for the CBC's 2006 spring symposium  "Conserving Birds in Human-Dominated Landscapes: Weaving a Common Future." His work at the CBC included initiating seabird research on Palmyra atoll; and expanding his research and conservation work in the Solomon Islands to integrate research, education and community based protected area strategies across the archipelago. He is currently senior staff for Conservation International. Chris received his Ph.D. in 2003 from the University of Washington, where he studied patterns of speciation and the biogeographic history of tropical Pacific flycatchers.


Kathleen Kohata, Advisor

Kathleen Kohata is a practising lawyer based in Honiara, Solomon Islands. She has a law degree from the University of the South Pacific, Vanuatu/Fiji. Kathleen also serves on the board of other non government organizations as a legal advisor.  


Samson Viulu, Advisor

Samson comes from Zaira, South Vangunu Island, Western Province and Isabel Province in the Solomon Islands. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher in science at the Biological Resources Department, The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Gifu University, Japan. His research is on the 'Comparison of current production in microbial fuel cell studies amongst Geobacter species. He previously worked for Livestock/Veterinary Division, Department of Agriculture and Livestock, Solomon Islands Government for a few years. Samson received a PhD in Agricultural Science, and Masters in Applied Biological Sciences, both from Gifu University, Japan. His undergraduate degree in Agriculture was done at the University of the South Pacific, Samoa. He has published widely both in journals and conference proceedings, and holds a number of International Accreditations. 



Shane Tutua, Advisor

Shane Tutua is a soil scientist and organic farmer. His research in the Solomon Islands explores the opportunities of integrating local nuts and edible plants in sustainable production systems as well as utilizing them for the commercial food business. In addition he is involved in studies that investigate appropriate ways of returning different degraded habitats (rainforest or ultrabasic forests) to becoming functional ecosystems. Shane is also a practicing organic farmer, and works with other communities both nationally and internationally to provide technical and scientific advisory support on various aspects of organic farming.  His entrepreneurial ideas are both practical, environmentally friendly and economically useful. Shane has a PhD in soil science from Griffith University, Australia, and MSc and BSc from Lincoln University, New Zealand.


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